Applying for Social Security Disability Payments for a Diabetes Diagnosis

If you suffer from diabetes, you know how difficult it can be to control your symptoms. In some cases, the symptoms become so extreme that they affect your ability to conduct the daily functions of life. The federal government understand that diabetes is a debilitating disease and, in certain circumstances, allows for those who suffer from diabetes to collect social security disability payments.

The range of symptoms for an individual suffering from diabetes is wide. However, the following are all thought to be fairly common symptoms:

– Stroke
– Decreased ability to heal
– Depression
– Neuropathy
– Kidney damage
– Hearing loss
– High blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems
– Limb amputation
– Glaucoma
– Other vision problems
– Gum disease
While some who suffer from diabetes are able to control their symptoms with diet, exercise, and daily medication, not everyone is so lucky.
Collecting Disability with a Diabetes Diagnosis
Unfortunately, a diabetes diagnosis alone is generally not sufficient to qualify for disability payments. This means that, in order to qualify for disability payments, an applicant must either have fairly severe symptoms that restrict their ability to perform even the most menial of tasks or have another disease or disorder that has its own set of symptoms which limit the applicant’s ability to perform the tasks of a job.
This is a bit tricky. Diabetes alone will not qualify an applicant, but the symptoms may. In other words, if your diabetes causes severe depression, you may qualify under the depression listing.
Similarly, if an applicant’s diabetes does not qualify them alone, as above, the condition may go a long way towards qualifying the applicant if that applicant has other non-qualifying diseases or disorders. Under this qualification method, an applicant might have numerous less serious diseases or disorders that, when all combined, make it incredibly difficult for them to perform the necessary tasks of even a sedentary job.
Performing the Tasks of a Sedentary Job
When applying for disability, you may hear the phrase “sedentary job” fairly often. This is how the Social Security Administration assesses whether an applicant can still get a job, despite their disabilities. A sedentary job is a job that does not require physical activity, such as standing, walking, running, crouching, and other strenuous types of movement.
Typical sedentary jobs are: driving jobs, computer jobs, and quality control jobs.
Are You Considering Applying for Disability?
If you are thinking of applying for disability payments based on your diabetes diagnosis, you should contact an experienced Indiana disability attorney today. Although the forms can be filled out on your own, many first-time applicant make simple mistakes that can delay their application for up to a year. If you need help, contact Ted Smith attorney today at, 765-644-8410.
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