Things to Do After an Accident

Call your insurance agent as soon as possible after an accident.

Do not admit responsibility. Exchanging information and giving facts in not the same thing as admitting responsibility! you may think that you were responsible for the accident and later learn that the other driver caused it or that the other driver was equally at fault.

See your doctor. It is always wise to have a physical exam after an accident. Your doctor may recognize injuries, sometimes serious, that are not apparent to you.

Do not sign anything. . . until you understand the full legal consequence of what you are doing.

Call your lawyer. The event of an accident has created certain legal rights and liabilities as to each driver. It is important that you know and understand what those are. A lawyer will tell you not only what your rights and obligations are, but will tell you whether further legal help is needed on merited.

If you are injured in an accident, never settle without talking with your lawyer.

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