Accident Which Causes Injury or Death

When an accident results in injury or death, each driver involved must:

1. Immediately stop as close to the accident scene as possible without obstructing traffic more than is necessary.

2. Remain at the scene until: a) the driver has given his or her name and address and registration of the vehicle; b) if requested; the driver has shown his or her license to the driver or passengers of the other vehicle; and c) reasonable assistance has been given to each person injured in the accident including the removal, or making arrangements for removal, of the injured to a doctor or hospital.

3. Notify the police immediately.

4. File a report with the Indiana Bureau of Motors Vehicles, PRF/Crash Report Section, P.O. Box 7169, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 within 10 days after the accident. The written report can be found at

If the driver is physically incapable of reporting as required by law then the passenger of that vehicle must file the report. If there is no passenger and the owner is someone other than the driver, the owner must file the report within 10 days after the accident.

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